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Let Your Imagination Soar!

Come with CYT and you’ll see a whole new world of pure imagination! This winter students will explore the magic and excitement of theater arts classes as they soar to new heights of talent and abilities. Our excellent teachers and curriculum will masterfully train students of every level in acting, singing, dancing and specialty classes. In this vibrant environment, students thrive as the meet new friends and are challenged to preform new skills. Students aged 8-18, who are enrolled in classes, are eligible to audition for our productions of Disney's Aladdin Jr. and Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Kids.

About CYT Classes

CYT Portland offers classes over the course of three sessions during the school year: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Weekly classes last for two hours and run for ten consecutive weeks. A variety of classes are offered in drama, voice, dance, and specialty classes that vary per session. Most of the classes are small to insure personal attention and growth.

There is something for everyone ages 4-18. As our students sing, dance and act they will also work on the “Find Your Character” elements of CYT. This focuses on developing and growing positive character within our students with themes such as endurance and joy. We seek to create a positive environment where every student’s unique personality is embraced and accepted.

At the end of a CYT session, students will come away with improved skills in the area of emphasis. During the last week of class, a high-energy showcase is presented by each class to demonstrate to other students, family, and friends what they have learned.

Enrolled students, ages 8 – 18, have the opportunity to audition for a CYT Broadway-style musical! Younger students may serve as ushers at CYT shows, and students ages 12 and up may work on a backstage crew.

Classes may include but are not limited to:
  • Wiggles (Ages 4-5)
  • Our Gang (Ages 6-7) 
  • Dance/Movement
  • Drama 
  • Voice
  • Musical Theater I & II
  • Auditions and Callbacks 
  • Comedy and Improv 
  • Technical Theater; such as Makeup, Set Design, etc.
  • Stunts and Combat.
Classes are held once a week for two hours and run for ten consecutive weeks. During the tenth class week, a showcase is presented in which each class performs a brief prepared presentation, showcasing what they have learned over the session. Every CYT student participates in the Class Showcase!  

Current Classes:

Class: Age: Chapter: Location: Day: Time: Start: End:
Mon: Drama 2: Dynamic Duos: Acting in Tandem 12-18 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Mon 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 08 Mar 11
Mon: Musical Theater 1: Dream A Million Dreams 8-11 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Mon 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 08 Mar 11
Mon: Sound & Lighting Tech: Secrets of the Tech Booth 19-79 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Mon 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 08 Mar 11
Mon: Vocals 2: Soaring Imagination, Soaring Voices! 12-18 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Mon 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 08 Mar 11
Thurs: Dance 1: Lyrical: Dance the Song 8-18 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Thu 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 04 Mar 07
Thurs: Drama 2: Imagine the Three You Could Be 12-18 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Thu 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 04 Mar 07
Thurs: Musical Theater 2: The Telephone Hour 12-18 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Thu 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 04 Mar 07
Thurs: Props: Flight of Imagination 12-18 Portland
(Winter 2024)
Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus Thu 5:30pm - 7:30pm Jan 04 Mar 07

Snack Cards

This is where you can purchase a Snack Card for your Student to use for snacks during CYT Classes.
Each Snack Card costs $10.

Current Teachers:

Elijah Olson

Elijah is a 19 year old bibliophile who enjoys playing his many board games, reading a variety of books, listening to a rather eclectic range of music, and doing pretty much anything outdoors. He is an avid nerd, and loves all things Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and a wide variety of video games. Elijah has an enthusiasm for cosplay and loves to bring his costumes to life by using quality props and authentic materials. Elijah has been a part of CYT since “Frozen Jr”. His desire is to continue learning with CYT as well as serving in any capacity needed. "You have to find something that you love enough to jump over hurdles and break through the brick walls.” George Lucas

Heather Peloquin

As a daughter of a music teacher, I’ve always loved music. I began singing in church choir as an adolescent. I quickly developed a deep love for musical theater and choral music and began performing in theater productions at age 13. I sang with choirs at church, in the Chamber Singers in High School, and eventually University choir before returning to church choirs as an adult. I am an elementary school teacher and have directed youth choirs at churches. I look forward to sharing my love of singing with a new class!

Ian Feavearyear

Have previously arranged music for worship teams and led worship on keyboards in both the U.K. and U.S. Currently assist Robynne in her vocal classes and accompany the singers.

Kimmie Olson

I am a wife and mama of 3 amazing Hobbits. I have a great love of all things creative. I love to draw, paint, craft, cosplay, sing, read… and play board games. In my younger years I have been in church plays as well as college drama, I choreographed dances and even learned and taught mime. A couple of years ago my Hobbits and I discovered we have a love of cosplaying. This led to my creating unique and quality props, and I discovered that I not only have a talent for it, but I have a passion for it. I began working with the props with CYT during “Elf Jr" and was props master for "Frozen Jr" and “Newsies Jr". I have a passion for creating quality props that can help bring the shows to life. I look forward to sharing that passion with students while helping to teach the skills necessary to bring them to life.

Lisa Allison

Lisa has been dancing and preforming since she was very young. She received a BA in theatre performance and theatre administration from Whitworth University. She has studied numerous styles of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip-hop, swing, ballroom, and latin. Since graduating, she has been active working with professional and community theaters in the Portland and Salem area stage managing and choreographing. She believes we were all made with the ability to dance, and with a little practice and instruction, we can create something very beautiful through movement. For Lisa, dance is a joyful expression of the soul, and she is excited to share that joy with others. When not working on a production, she enjoys going on adventures with her husband, Kyle, and their children Lexie, Marcus, Jinora, and Ezra.

Robynne Feavearyear

I'm equal parts music lover and writing fanatic. By day, I'm a published author of ten books (under a pen name!), a writing/publishing coach, a writing teacher, the director of a Christian Writers Conference, and president of an international writing organization. By night, I indulge my lifelong love of all things musical. From my earliest school days, I've been involved in choirs, competitive singing groups, music ministries, and musical theatre. I've conducted youth, adult, and worship ensembles and choirs, and served as Director of Worship in both England and the US. I studied voice performance and conducting, as well as literature and business, at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, and later earned my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and Fiction from Ashland University in Ohio. Nearly three decades ago, I met and then married the love of my life, my British husband, Ian. We have a glorious brood of adopted and biological children ranging in age from 27 down to 16. I love to travel, cook, and dabble in pioneer-era skills. I can make sourdough bread by eye, and bacon from scratch. If there was an Olympic Boggle team, I think I'd have a shot at a spot. More than all that, however, I love the God who gave us the gift of music, story, community, and Himself.

Sandy Shaner

Sandy Shaner has been involved with the performing arts for 40 years. She studied both Dance and Early Childhood education at PSU, in addition to her training through multiple dance academies, including The Portland Dance and Northwest Dance Academies. Sandy has been an instructor of both drama and dance and is currently in her 21st year at Lake Oswego Academy of Dance. She also enjoys choreographing musical productions for schools in Portland, but most of all she loves being a part of the CYT family, where her dance background and her love of Jesus come together.

Suz Ruddock

Susan Ruddock began dancing at age 16, taking an Interpretive Dance class from Sr. Jeanine Therese. She found her passion & escalated her talent by taking thousands of diverse dance classes: modern, ballet, tap, jazz & musical theatre. Tap dancing so fascinated her that she dedicated 35 years to The Skylark Tappers dance company, retiring in Dec 2018. In 2010, Suz was chosen as a local Rockette to open the Radio City Rockettes’ show in Portland. Over the years, Suz honed her tap skills by interacting with taps masters Cholly Atkins, Brenda Buffalino, Honi Coles, Linda Sohl-Elison, Fred Strickler, Portland’s own Terry Brock & countless other tap masters. Suz enjoys engaging in theatre as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer or assistant director with over 40 shows to her credit. A recent venture was choreographing Disney’s The Lion King for Kids.

Tim Krajcar

Tim’s love of the theater started early - as a winsome young lad, he stoutly refused to go on stage and audition for a community production of The Music Man out of sheer terror. Luckily, he has since conquered his fears, but still finds more than 75 trombones in one place unnerving. These days he prefers a warm & cozy tech booth, doing the sorts of jobs that nobody ever thinks about until it all goes terribly wrong. As a long-time professional musician and production engineer, he has a deep understand of dramatic arts and even more dramatic people. His main interests are drinking coffee, following his wife around, parenting two starry-eyed CYT tweens, and writing bios that are pretty funny, but not too funny.

“Love art in yourself, not yourself in art.”

Konstantin Stanislavski ​​​​​​​


CYT offers a wide variety of classes, and they all enable students to gain valuable theater arts training, develop confidence, and make friends!

There are currently over 50 different curriculum materials available in a variety of musical theater areas. Please note these classes vary per session. Check the Classes page to see what’s available now!


Parents, friends, and relatives are invited to attend CYT's Showcase performance on the last day / evening of classes, free of charge! Showcase is the grand finale of each session of classes, at which every class makes a 5-10 minute presentation of something they have learned and rehearsed during the session. Don't miss the action!

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