The Decathlon Award recognizes exceptional CYT students who have demonstrated a love for theater by pursuing a well-rounded education in the theater arts and who have exhibited a character consistent with CYT values. The award includes a certificate of recognition, as well as a personal letter of recommendation from the CYT National Board of Directors.

Improv Team

Improv is the art of saying "Yes, and..." It's the foundation of great characterization and acting. Classes in improv skills are offered at all locations each year. For students who want to really build this part of their skills, Christian Youth Theater offers Improv Team, an ongoing training and performing group. The Improv Team leads out in an annual Improvapalooza fundraising event and competes at the national CYT EXPO Improvathon against improv teams from CYT affiliates all across the country. Participation is by application.

HYPE - High School Youth Pursuing Excellence

High School Youth Pursuing Excellence (HYPE) is a leadership training group designed to challenge and guide the advanced students of CYT to be leaders inside and outside of CYT. Getting involved by serving the community around them, continuing to grow as an individual, and committing themselves to excellence in all they do are the core components of this CYT program. Our HYPE leaders serve as examples and leaders in our class and production communities. Participating in HYPE is by application and selection.

CYT @School

CYT@school is a program of CYT Portland that introduces the performing arts to children, one school at a time, by providing a high-quality experience that is educational and enjoyable.

Many schools have had to cut their arts programs so CYT@school is dedicated to bringing to your school a low-cost, theater arts training program tailored to the needs of each school. Research has shown that performing arts helps students gain confidence, build leadership skills and develop a sense of community. CYT wants to ensure that students everywhere have an opportunity to experience theater arts. 

The CYT@School program brings the arts back into your school's curriculum, by providing an artist-in-residence style class, on your campus, during your school day. Our program consists of 8-10 weeks of drama, voice and dance which offer sound theater art instruction while also building character. All participating students will perform in an end-of-session showcase. Our teachers are enthusiastic, fun, positive role models who lead and inspire.

If you're interested in the possibility of adding a theater arts class to your school's curriculum, contact us at 503-272-6600.