Welcome to CYT Portland!

Is this your first session with CYT? Here's a quick timeline-based overview of what to expect (for both students and parents):
1.  Classes - Essential training for growth. Your child must register for a class in order to sign up to audition for a show.
2.  Shows - Familiarize yourself with the Show Production Manual BEFORE signing up to audition.
3.  Auditions - You will be given the opportunity to sign up for an audition slot in your CYT account.
4.  Callbacks - A second chance for the directors to see an auditioner if needed.
5.  Parent Meetings- If your student is cast, there are two MANDATORY meetings for parents.
6.  Show Crew - If your student is not interested in being on the stage but loves theater and wants to be involved, they can sign up to work behind-the-scenes on our crew team.
7.  Rehearsals - Friday evening and Saturday morning.
8.  Parent Teams - Committees of parents who work on production teams (i.e. costumes, props, etc.)
9.  Performances - There are 8 performances including 2 school day shows.
10.  Strike - After the show, the quickest clean up session you've ever seen.
11.  Cast Party - A time of celebration and awards after strike.

The following information will help assist you in creating your Family Account, Registering for Classes and setting up your Ticket Reseller Account should you participate in a show and sell tickets.

How to create a new Family Account

Everyone who registers for a CYT Class, Camp, Program or Auditions for a Show starts with a Family Account.  This account begins with at least one guardian and includes all of the participating students in the family.  This account will allow you to register for any of CYT Portland programming.

Set up a Family Account before you register for classes, camps or program:

  1. Click on the "person" icon at top right corner of our website (to right of "DONATE" on any page).
  2. Click on "NEW ACCOUNT" in the pop up window.
  3. Fill out the information required, with the parent's info first.
  4. To add a child to the account, click on the +Family Member button.

How to register for a new Class

If you are already have a Family Account, then (while logged in) follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Classes" page
  2. First select your "Student's Age"
  3. Click on the Class Name of your choice
  4. Click on the "Register Now" button
  5. Select the family member that will be in the class
  6. You will now have an option to sign up for audition times. Auditions are not required.
  7. If you don't sign up now, you will have that option later in your family account

How to prepare your music track for Auditions

Accompaniment requirements can include an instrumental MP3 or MP4 only track. Please check the show page and audition form for specific information to the show for which you are auditioning to find out what you need.  Here is a "how to" edit your track tutorial provided by CYT Dallas.

How to use the Callboard

The Callboard is our primary tool for keeping families informed. Detailed Rehearsal Schedules will be posted on the show callboard after casting is complete for each show. We use the callboard to communicate lots of important show details. Make a habit to check the callboard on a regular basis! View our callboard tutorial here.