Session: Summer 2024
Chapter:  Portland
Location:  Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus
Time:  8:15am - 4:35pm
Day:  Saturday
Starts:  08/17
Ages:  11 - 18
Tuition:  $125.00


Auditions are just around the corner and the nerves and excitement abound! How do I pick a song? The character I want to play doesn’t have a side, what do I do? I’ve never sung harmonies, I don’t even know my vocal range. I have two left feet and dread the dancing audition. I can’t make my body move like they want, I’m always so far behind. What do I do? I’m terrible with reading out loud, how do I manage in a cold reading?

Well if any of those questions have sprinted through your head, you can stop running and take a breath. This one-day intensive will walk you through all you need to know in preparing an amazing audition.

Just one day, and you will gain the benefit of four focused classes all specially tailored to help you improve your audition experience. Learn tricks and tips that will help you pick up choreo quickly and perform an audition dance with confidence. Gain insight into how to develop your side and present an engaging cold reading through the rare opportunity to workshop and practice those skills. Learn some basics in how to sing harmonies and boost your confidence in lifting your voice. Capitalize on the opportunity to find your vocal range and soak up advice in how to choose an audition song.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away!

Summer Audition Intensive Master Classes Descriptions and Teachers Listings:
Dance Class:
 Students should bring jazz shoes and a water bottle to this class. Students will learn and practice techniques to help them learn choreo quickly and gain confidence in their audition. Be ready to move and go all in to get the most out of this class!

Drama Class: Students should bring a water bottle and notebook to this class. Students will review basic exercises to improve projection, diction, and breath support and the dos and don’ts in how to make an impactful first impression when giving their slate. Students will learn how to analyze character information given in an audition folder and how to utilize that information in preparing an audition side and cold readings. This class will also provide the opportunity to workshop your side and gain practical experience doing cold-readings.

Vocal Class: Students bring a water bottle and notebook to this class. Students will learn what their vocal range is and how to go about selecting an audition song. This class will also provide the opportunity to workshop your song. 

Choral Class: Students will bring a water bottle to this class. Students will learn helpful vocal techniques and tips on how to warm up their voices so they can utilize and showcase their full vocal power at every rehearsal and performance. They will also explore how to find harmonies and sing in an ensemble.
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Lisa Allison

Lisa has been dancing and performing since she was very young. She received a BA in theatre performance and theatre administration from Whitworth University. She has studied numerous styles of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip-hop, swing, ballroom, and latin. Since graduating, she has been active working with professional and community theaters in the Portland and Salem area stage managing and choreographing. She believes we were all made with the ability to dance, and with a little practice and instruction, we can create something very beautiful through movement. For Lisa, dance is a joyful expression of the soul, and she is excited to share that joy with others. When not working on a production, she enjoys going on adventures with her husband, Kyle, and their children Lexie, Marcus, Jinora, and Ezra.


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