As CYT grows and more and more students audition for shows it is inevitable that Artistic Teams will need to go through the difficult process of sizing the cast so that the production process is manageable for everyone involved. From costuming to rehearsal space and stage time, it is imperative that we are realistic about our capacity. With that said, the decision to not cast all students who audition seems to be a distinct possibility. In order to help manage parent and student expectations here is an outline that will help everyone understand what the parameters are for casting or not casting students in a production. Casting will be implemented based on the following criteria:

1. Show and Venue Requirements

Every production comes with its own unique casting requirements. All roles and their character descriptions will be posted on the CYT website and in the Production Manual for the public viewing. Cast will be selected based on the best fit for each role according to the Casting Directors. The venue for rehearsals, staging, and greenroom areas are limited to the capacity of each building and do not allow for unlimited numbers of students. Therefore space availability plays an important factor in cast size.

2. Audition Preparedness and Execution

Parents/students are expected to have read the Production Manual and students should come to Friday Open Auditions with an appropriate song (length and choice), have memorized the sides, and are well dressed, well rehearsed, and ready to go. If students are invited to Saturday Closed Callbacks they should be prepared to go through a rigorous day where they will be evaluated on dance knowledge, vocal capabilities, and acting ability.

3. Experience

Although show and stage experience are  not a requirement to be in cast, students that have performed on stage (whether that is in other productions or simply in CYT Showcases) will be less likely to be cut. It also needs to be said that having been in previous CYT shows does not guarantee casting.

4. Abilities and Training

Students are encouraged to be diligent in their theatrical training. The more training students have, the more likely they are to have the ability to handle show expectations and requirements. When selecting CYT classes CYT will work with parents and give feedback to help guide each student to be a well rounded performer. Parents should encourage their students to take a variety of classes. Although some students may desire to repeat a certain type of class they are most comfortable with (like acting or dance) , selecting a wider range of training helps with overall abilities. 

Students that take the opportunity to advance their talents by participating in extracurricular training, ie. Master Classes, additional nights of classes, or by taking outside private lessons will have a greater advantage when it comes to casting and the extra training will help students be more prepared for a theatrical performance.  

*Please note that CYT class scholarships are available to help families with financial assistance.

5. Behavior/Attitude

Teachers, Class and Production Coordinators, and Artistic Teams who work directly with the students will be communicating ahead of auditions relaying information on each students’ behavior and attitude in class, at rehearsals, and during performances. Students that have discipline and attitude issues will be considered less desirable to work with and may affect their chances of getting a part. Teachability is a key factor as to whether or not a student works well with CYT leadership and is able to be cast. Students are required to sign and follow the CYT Code of Conduct Contract. This ensures that everyone reviews and understands behavior expectations. Students that break the CYT Code of Conduct will be putting future casting opportunities at risk.

6. Dependability

Student dependability goes along closely with the above segment. Teachers, Coordinators, and Artistic teams will give feedback as to how reliable students have been in classes and at rehearsals. This area includes attendance at classes, showcases, and rehearsals. Full attendance in class and rehearsals is required and will be highly taken into consideration at casting. Although there is a CYT policy that allows for 2 excused absences from rehearsals and one excused absence for classes this does not mean students should shoot to miss two rehearsals or any classes. Students that have NO absences will be considered more desirable when casting roles. If students miss any class period without advanced notification given to the teacher and coordinator (sickness is an exception) will be considered unexcused and they may be removed from the showcase and this will affect future casting considerations. 
Each students’ commitment to the rehearsal process for classes, showcase and production will be considered by the Casting Team. By consistently and diligently working on and perfecting their lines, dances and songs at home, students will show reliability to their Teachers, Coordinators, and Artistic Team and will increase their chances of being part of the cast.

7. Parent Committee Commitment, Financial Responsibilities, and Forms

Because CYT is a family organization, family production commitment is essential. The more parents are involved, the greater success the show becomes. Each cast family is required to have at least one parent or guardian involved with one or more Parent Teams. Parents that do not follow through on their commitments to their assigned team will put future casting at risk. Likewise, parents that fully participate on their assigned teams will increase their child’s ability to get a role. 
*Please contact our Managing Director, Jeff Lippert, if you have any questions about your financial commitments or need to discuss a payment plan.

Production Fee, Program Ad or Family Sponsorship, and required Reseller Ticket sales are all part of the family responsibility. Fees need to be paid on time. Forms and child safety requirements likewise need to be in on time. Delinquency on payments and form completion will make your student appear less desirable to cast and may be a factor in casting considerations.

Audition/Production Curtain Warmer Class

Although it is our desire for everyone to be cast in each production, our current trajectory will not allow for this. Our thinking is that all CYT kids should have the greatest possible ability to be trained to ensure future success. Because of this we will be providing a teaching and performing opportunity for any student who is not cast in the current production they audition for. The Audition/Production Prep class will be held on Friday evenings during rehearsal time from 6:30pm-8:30pm. This class will provide practical experience to ensure your student is fully prepared for their next audition. Students will be trained in best practices for auditioning with plenty of hands-on practical experience. They will also be cast and  filmed in their role of the Curtain Warmer that will be shown on the “Big Screen” at the Sherwood Center for the Arts  prior to each show performance.  The cost of this class is the same as their production fee and will include a show t-shirt and a class participation certificate.  

*Students who opt  into this class will greatly increase their chances of being cast in the next show they audition for.

Helping Parents and Kids Through the Casting Process

  • After Friday Open Auditions all students will receive an email by 11pm either stating they have a Saturday Call Back or an email letting them know they are finished with the Auditioning process and are not cast in the show. Students who are not cast are welcome to join in the Friday Audition/Prep class. This class is open only to students that audition and are not cast in the current show. 
  • Students who receive a Saturday Call Back email will be asked either to stay only for the morning Dance Audition from 8:50-11am or will be asked to stay for the full day that includes Vocal and Drama Audition from 8:50am-2pm.  
  • Receiving Saturday Call Back does not guarantee casting in the show. 
  • Any Student that does not get cast in the show may sign up for the Audition/Production Prep class on Fridays. See above information.
  • CYT Casting Video - There is a simple and thorough video found on our CYT website that will help families understand the difficult casting process. Please take the time to watch this video prior to casting and share the information with your student to educate them as well.