Session: Winter 2024
Chapter:  Portland
Location:  Northwest Christian Church - Tigard Campus
Time:  5:30pm - 7:30pm
Day:  Monday
Starts:  01/08
Ages:  19 - 79
Tuition:  $225.00
Open Spots:  4


Ever wondered what those people back in the tech booth do during the show? In this class, we'll cover sound and lighting from fundamental principles, go hands-on with the tools of the trade, and develop our creativity with sound and lighting design techniques. We'll explore cutting-edge production design work from Broadway shows and tours, and apply our new skills to upcoming CYT shows! No experience is required - we'll start from the basic principles and work our way up to getting hands-on with lighting fixtures, mixing consoles, and all the tools of the trade.
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Tim Krajcar

Tim’s love of the theater started early - as a winsome young lad, he stoutly refused to go on stage and audition for a community production of The Music Man out of sheer terror. Luckily, he has since conquered his fears, but still finds more than 75 trombones in one place unnerving. These days he prefers a warm & cozy tech booth, doing the sorts of jobs that nobody ever thinks about until it all goes terribly wrong. As a long-time professional musician and production engineer, he has a deep understand of dramatic arts and even more dramatic people. His main interests are drinking coffee, following his wife around, parenting two starry-eyed CYT tweens, and writing bios that are pretty funny, but not too funny.


13405 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, OR 97223